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Dwarves are much shorter than humans, averaging around 4’ 6’’, but are much broader and better-muscled. Dwarven dwellings are oftentimes built in elaborate underground chambers. The dwarves can navigate these easily thanks to their inherent night sight and impressive sense of direction. Dwarves also have exceptional health and are resistant to many forms of poison and disease. Given their hardiness, dwarves typically live over twice the average lifespan of humans. Although individuals vary, most dwarves are boisterous, conservative, hardworking, and stubborn. Many note their fondness for riches too, but its difficult to say if they work for money or merely the pleasure of building.

Dwarven society follows a rigid caste system. At the top are the keepers, religious and political leaders who immerse themselves with dwarven history and tradition. They use this knowledge to guide their people down the proper path. The next caste is the warriors, dwarves who learn to fight from birth. Following the warriors are the scribes, dwarves who engage in any sort of white collar work. They make up the merchants, bankers, and administrators of dwarven society. At the bottom of the scale are the workers. They perform any sort of manual labor. Off the scale completely are the outcasts or casteless, those who have been removed from dwarven society for various reasons. The casteless either try to live off the scraps of dwarven society or trek beyond the cities to make their way in the larger world.

Dwarves are grouped into three distinct ethnic groups:


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