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Goblins are short spindly creatures coming in around 4 ½ feet. They have black eyes with yellow rather than white sclera. What little hair they possess is almost invariably black (or grey with age). By and large, goblins are a cunning and crafty race that is in a constant struggle of one-upmanship, both with each other and with other races. This struggle, however, rarely takes the form of physical violence. Instead, it’s a game revolving around wordplay, displays of wealth, and public shaming or recognition. Thus, goblins navigate through social situations with ease, talking quickly and with confidence.

That said, goblins are notorious for using petty tricks and underhanded dealings to get ahead. For immature goblins, this takes the form of impish pranks. For the goblin elite, it shows forth in elaborate power plays and political maneuvers. It goes without saying that few trust goblins, but their shrewdness in business and quirky charm present attractive offers nonetheless, making goblins frequent sights at the larger markets.

There are two goblin sub-species:


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