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The races tell great and many tales about the origins of Creation. Although varied in details and emphases, a common theme runs through each legend. All speak of a shining paradise where the fair races and spirits lived side by side in a single glorious home. Each story proceeds differently, but all conclude that paradise came to a sudden and dramatic end called the Sundering. The Sundering split Creation into the physical realm, Focal, and the various spirit realms that overlap it. The races became mortal and Creation turned into a place of struggle and hardship.

With paradise lost, barbarism reigned for untold years. In time, however, potent civilizations rose across Focal, each grander than the last. The great kingdoms of old, however, succumbed to pride and fell swiftly to unstoppable forces. Unearthly weather called Dread Storms ravaged Focal for forty generations. The storms often transported, transfigured, or destroyed whatever crossed their paths. The races were displaced or killed, while corrupted creatures arose from the depths of the storms, ravaging the land. This period of intense dread has been called the Cataclysm, for it pounded the once-mighty civilizations into dust.

It has been over three hundred years since the Cataclysm ended, and the races are just now finding some measure of peace and stability. New civilizations are rising and the mortal races strive to understand their shared past. This is a new era in Focal’s history, a rebirth, a time for soul-searching and quests for wisdom. It is the Awakening.

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